Frequently Asked Questions

Do you sell gift cards?

     Yes we do, and you are a wonderful person for giving the gift of delicious PIZZA to your friends and loved ones!

Why can’t I place a take-out order at certain times?

     Sometimes the dining room starts to rock and we have to give our full attention to the pizza orders in the restaurant. As soon as things slow down, though, take-out orders are back up and running.

Do you take reservations?

     Due to our limited space and our high volume of business, we are unable to take reservations or reserve space for large groups.

Do you have gluten-free or vegan pizzas?

     Yes we do! Our handmade crusts and our tomato sauce are already vegan, and we have lots of vegan topping options. We even have vegan cheese. Our cauliflower crusts are gluten-free, but not vegan. We take extra care, using a different oven and a different part of the kitchen for our gluten-free pizzas, but due to the invasive nature of the extra-fine flour we use for our pizza dough, we cannot guarantee that there is absolutely no cross-contamination.

Can I call ahead with my order to dine in?

     Now that's just cheating. Shame on you! If you order take-out and there just happens to be a free table, then who are we to stop you from enjoying your piping hot box of goodness right there in the dining room? We wouldn't want to wait either. But otherwise, we ask that you please respect the people who have been waiting patiently in the dining room and don’t try to cut in line by calling your order ahead.

How big are your pizzas?

    The perfect size. Sometimes our pizzas want to be 13 inches. Sometimes they want to be 11 inches. They average 12 inches. Each one is carefully weighed to be exactly half a pound, each one is lovingly hand stretched and topped with a full load of goodies. Sometimes they want to be a circle, sometimes a heart. Sometimes they look to Salvador Dali for their inspiration. They are all natural works of art and they are all delicious. 

Why am I being charged a Hospitality Fee… and even on my take-out order?!

     Along with a growing number of restaurants across the nation, Octo π believes that the tradition of tipping at restaurants is a deeply flawed system. It promotes a wide disparity of wages between different types of employees, fosters an unhealthy work environment, and masks the true costs of serving food. Providing a professional, respectful, and fair work environment for all of our employees is one of the main principles upon which our business is founded. We believe every person working at Octo π has a hand in creating and influencing each guest’s experience and deserves equitable pay.

     We add the hospitality fee to take-out orders because our efforts to provide you with a top-tier product and our employees with an ethical wage don’t stop in the dining room. By supporting Octo π, either as a dine-in or a take-out guest, you are making a choice to support a fair wage for all of our employees.

I know it's not legal for a restaurant to charge sales tax on tips, so why am I being charged tax on the hospitality fee?

     We don’t like taxes any more than you do. Because a hospitality fee is a mandatory charge from the restaurant, rather than a tip given to service staff, the state says we have to pay sales tax on it. We do what the state says even when we don’t like it.

What is a TABC tax and why is it showing up on my bill?

     You pay a TABC (Tennessee Alcoholic Beverage Commission) tax any time you purchase liquor or wine at a restaurant in Tennessee. Most restaurants include this tax in the cost of the drink for ease, so you usually never see it. At Octo π we don’t want to charge you for the hospitality fee on that tax, so we remove the tax and calculate the hospitality fee prior to adding the TABC tax. This also means that you are not paying sales tax on the TABC tax, which is an added benefit of this method